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Jamieson Wellness Investing in New Ocean Restoration Project

June 08, 2023

Launch of new partnership with veritree on World Ocean Day will help restore coastal waters in the Pacific Northwest and protect biodiversity

Every year on June 8, people worldwide unite to commemorate World Ocean Day by raising awareness and taking action to protect our oceans. This year, Jamieson Wellness is contributing to this global movement by investing in a new, nature-based restoration project to protect ocean biodiversity and promote a healthier climate.

Jamieson is partnering with veritree – a data-driven, restorative climate platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies – to plant 60,000 kelp off British Columbia’s Pacific Northwest coast.

Kelp: the forests of the sea 

Kelp provides a habitat for thousands of marine species. These towering underwater forests are excellent carbon sinks and hold great cultural and ecological significance for Indigenous communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Although kelp forests are vital to a healthy ecosystem and the well-being of coastal communities, they have declined by more than 40 per cent globally because of climate change, overexploitation, and pollution.

Combining nature’s nurture with the power of technology 

Nature-based solutions are a key to helping Jamieson achieve its environmental commitments. They have been proven to restore biodiversity and can reduce emissions. veritree and its partners will help Jamieson ensure each kelp planting for this project will be monitored, traced, and verified using blockchain technology.

“For over 100 years, consumers have trusted Jamieson to support their health and wellness journey. Our partnership with veritree extends that same trust to our sustainability commitments to ensure this project has a positive, lasting impact on the planet for years to come,” says Shawna Ketter, Senior Director, ESG & Culture, Jamieson Wellness.

“veritree is excited to join forces with Jamieson Wellness on this innovative restoration project,” said Derrick Emsley, CEO of veritree. “This partnership exemplifies that when businesses join forces to champion nature and biodiversity, great things can happen. We can’t wait to see these kelp forests and this partnership grow”.

As a United Nations Global Compact member, Jamieson has aligned its sustainability goals to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This project supports the following SDGs:

  • 1: No Poverty
  • 5: Gender Equality
  • 10: Reduced Inequalities
  • 13: Climate Action
  • 14: Life Below Water
  • and 15: Life on Land

For more information about this project and to track its progress, visit our impact hub at

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