Corporate Responsibility

As leaders in health and wellness for over 100 years, we at Jamieson Wellness believe it is our responsibility to actively support the well-being of our employees, consumers, partners and communities.


The health and wellness of the communities we serve has always been important to us. Whether it’s donating to local charitable organizations, partnering with international non-profits, or supporting the causes of our employees and business partners, we are committed to helping make a difference.


At Jamieson Wellness, we cherish diversity, equality and inclusion and we know we must constantly listen, learn and take action to ensure these principles remain embedded in our culture. We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to our table and celebrate the differences that make us unique. We are accountable to build an environment free of bias in regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, and all other types of discrimination. We hold ourselves and all stakeholders to a high standard of diversity and inclusion, because anything else is unacceptable.


We believe our vision of Improving the World’s Health and Wellness naturally extends to the environment in which we live. Therefore, we have embraced in our operations a business practice that can help preserve and enhance our natural environment.